Neha Malhotra is a London based Interior Designer who has made her mark in the field through her deep attention to detail, polished design aesthetic and her commitment to forming exceptional client relationships.

Neha has taken the design industry by storm, developing a well-established online presence, excellent links with her peers and a black book of prestigious industry contacts.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Neha has designed exclusive residential properties, bars, cafes, boutique hotels and restaurants, alongside a selection of leading retail spaces with an extensive global presence.

Neha’s familiar love for elegance, grandeur and opulent style mean that she continues to make a name for herself within the interiors industry. Magnificent accents of gold and indulgent materials pair with subtle nuances of colour to create a true sense of luxury.

It is no secret that Neha creates some of the most breathtakingly beautiful spaces, but when a design is formed through Neha’s intuitive style. It is guaranteed to embody not just the external beauty of a space but more importantly its internal essence.